Green Building: Going…Going…Green!

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Perry Bigelow - Spirituality of Sustainability

      b. Less lumber means more insulation

      c. Thermal break - 1" polyisocyanurate.

      d. R-20 walls

    IV. Ceiling - R-40
      a. Blown fiberglass

      b. Cathedral batts - treat like non-ventilated wall

    V. Window System
      a. Double glazed

      b. Low-e

      c. Argon filled

      d. R-2.5

    VI. Airtight construction - think of as a balloon
      a. Drywall as air barrier

      b. Use foil back drywall or polyethelene as vapor diffusion barrier

      c. Urethane foam, closed cell gaskets, and caulk

      d. Continuous mechanical ventilation

      e. All baths ducted to one hardwired fan.

      f. Operates 27-7

      g. Very careful details at tubs and stairs

      h. Drywall to window - "J" channel with vinyl fins

    VII. Simple, inexpensive heating system

    VIII. House orientation
      a. Face front north or south

      b. Use few windows on east and west walls

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