Steward of Creation

The good work that God has called me to do involves the stewardship of His creation, or putting it another way, being a steward or stewarding, with all the energy that I have, His creation. This involves spiritual, cultural, and environmental sustainability, and it is built on the premise that I have responded to the original Adam's opportunity to choose the Tree of Life rather than the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. And therefore, I have the opportunity to go back to the Garden and accomplish the high calling that God gave me which was to be the steward (the manager or the ruler) of creation. As a result of man's fall, my calling is to restore, reconcile, and redeem all of the fallen aspects of creation to their original glory or to participate in restoring, reconciling, and redeeming all of the parts of His creation to their original glory before the effects of the fall to the maximum extent that I can. Therefore, from an environmental standpoint, you have stewardship being expressed as developing sustainable relationships between God and man (spiritual sustainability), man and man (cultural sustainability), man and creation, and creation and creation (environmental sustainability).

April, 2002